Fall From Grace To Gutter: Is SCANDAL’s COLUMBUS SHORT Dating “Superhead?” + Why Dating A Man Who Is At, Or Hits Rock Bottom Backfires

Karrine and Columbus


Well for sure, we know now, that being a strategic, quick thinking “Gladiator” was all an act as, the former Scandal Olivia Pope right hand man “Harrison” (played by Columbus Short) showed up t’is season having pulled new weeds in full bloom view of anyone under the sun who caught it.

liv_harrison scandal

Perhaps the two are making a movie, but whether this social media (show of affection?) for one another was a play on [of] words [or real as all other dudes who take chances on rolling in the hay with notorious industry former Columbus Karrinegood time girl Karrine “Superhead” Steffans] remains to be seen. But the fact of the matter is, a brief exchange of words occurred on social media that obviously freeze framed Steffans’ heart so much so that she felt it necessary to marquee it for the world to see.Danny Feld_Getty Image ANC Scandal

We mentioned in another blog before that Steffans is on a quest to make sure it’s publicly known that somebody, someone out there will publicly stake claim on her-like any woman wants and desires (and despite her evils and cunningness for reasons) even she has the right to want the same for herself.

Before we judge, let me state that any un-evolved, single, woman not in control of her own mind, and body is as much a hoe as she will turn into an instant housewife from the very moment the man she wants-wants to turn her into one. So play with that as you wish.

With regard to Short however, the latest on him (since his very key role and exit from the popular, hot ongoing Thursday night drama) is that this year has been quite a trying year for him as, he’s been in the news for domestic abuse of his wife and the latest (pleading

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