Tigerblooded CHARLIE SHEEN To Announce On TODAY SHOW He’s HIV POSITIVE (And Undetectable) + Is Being Undetectable Even Possible?


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Early this morning, OSF favorite wild guy Charlie Sheen is expected to appear on the Today Show to announce a wild rumor that started off as a weeded, weird, jungle of a mystery blind item run in the New York Post November 11, that by day’s end November 16, quickly grew four legs and run up on Sheen: shining the spotlight on the self-proclaimed “Tigerblood” veined “#Winning,” troubled actor.



“Hollywood gripped with fear because womanizing A-lister is HIV positive / panicking his long list of sexual partners” –the headline read and article began [with].


Without naming his name, the article revealed that an insider told the U.K’s Sun Times that “infected Lothario” has known about his HIV status for years and has put partners at risk over the years and as this rumored has been rearing its ugly head, the [then unsaid] A-lister’s attorneys have been put on guard for potential lawsuits to follow once public.635832791497507803-EPA-FILE-SPAIN-CHARLIE-SHEEN-BIRTHDAY

The article’s source stated that friends had been urging him to come forward but he feared the rumor would adversely affect the quality of his career and only revealed his definite known relationship links being [to] that of “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model”

Later reports came to surface and the blind item rumor belonged to that of Charlie Sheen who, perhaps have been putting us all on notice (and unknowingly forewarning his partners in an effort to disarm the alarm?) years ago when he coined and caroled the growl “Tigerblood” [as being that which runs through is veins unlike the rest of us mere mortals, and terrestrials] because according to Sheen, his partners shouldn’t have too much to worry about as, the HIV is “undetectable” in the 50 year-old’s blood.
Sheen and RichardsObviously (having been married with 3 kids: Sam, 11 and Lola, 10), actress Denise Richards, 44, whose relationship ended with Sheen pretty badly and since-at varying moments in time over the years, has played out all over social and beyond; inquiring minds want to know what’s her status which, according to Richards-is negative and reportedly states Sheen contracted the virus years after they divorced-some four years ago.

SBrooke and Sheenince then, the actor remarried Brooke Mueller (2008-2011) and together-share two (twin) sons: Bob and Max, 6.

As for the “model” we reported not long ago, Sheen’s name came up as being linked to a model by the name of “Capri” who was once roommates with transgender aspiring actress once linked to (rapper) “Tyga”.

It’s important to know that although Sheen doesn’t really have “Tigerblood,”  he very well could be [quote] “undetectable” [end quote] as explained by Dr. Robert James Francisco:

“The CDC estimates the per-act risk for acquiring HIV from insertive penile-vaginal sex with a partner confirmed to be HIV positive (negative male partner, positive female partner) to be 5 per 10,000 exposures. If your HIV plasma viral load was driven down to undetectable levels with effective antiretroviral therapy, the risk of transmission decreases significantly, but it is not completely eliminated. In other words condoms are still necessary! As for the ease of transmission, yes, it is easier (more efficient) for an HIV-positive man to infect an HIV-negative woman than vice versa.

Duly note that as a woman, we all know that the moist, self-cleaning oven and business below at varying times of the month can go from “massacre” lasting from two days to one week with everything back to being pleasant, clear and running freely upon pleasure. That said, because of our vaginal walls being made of soft tissue (which too, is easily torn through rough sex or even consistent sex via penile penetration, or “foreign” objects) at any moment in time a woman could have tears and openings on her vaginal walls whereby (because of those tears leading making her most susceptible to contracting the disease (as compared to a woman passing it on to men-who do not have as vulnerable an opening).

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