About ADELE Last Night: Singer Performs RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL + Hear Snippets “25” ‘s Modest 11 Track CD & Why ’11’ < Is Necessary

AKM_GSI photo credit_ Adele Radio CityAbout last night.

Adele lit up lots of lives at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall for an NBC special taping (to be aired on December 14) where she sang some of her new music from her greatly anticipated album “25” on sale this Friday (November 20).

“Water Under The Bridge” is one that we did get a clip of from last night’s shin dig-a written as an ode to her boyfriend Simon Konecki of which she says is about waters so still with no trouble-despite her looking out for troubled waters–with waiting for him to be horrible…waiting for the relationship to end (she tells Zane Lowe in an upcoming Beats1 interview) : “This is the relationship now that I’m going to be in. It was quite a groundbreaking moment.”


Moving on and saying goodbye to her debut smash “Hello” the sorely missed and revered soulful pop singer dropped the second single from her upcoming album titled “When We Were Young.” Here’s a clip of the song (in its entirety) taped and sang live at Church Studios after which, enjoy snippets from all Adele’s songs from her soon to be released album.





Adele press photoAdele is winning me over with concentrating on putting out a few awesome songs. I said it in a podcast a while ago and I’ll say it again: This whole idea of putting 25 songs on one a double-CD is counterproductive and started by rap rivals (Biggie and Tupac) pumping their prowess during a turbulent time in rap. This excessive musical overkill somehow spilled over into R&B-spearheaded by R&B singer R. Kelly (when he dropped “R” in the late 90s).

I mentioned in the podcast (and/or Tweet), how in the late 80s crooner Al B. Sure toured the world and went platinum times over (with “In Effect Mode,” his self-titled debut album)–ONE hot CD and a mere 8 songs!MI0000043611

(That is a blueprint example and template painfully necessary for use and mimicry considering today’s busy, short attention span world)…

In the mid 90s when this rap rivalry began, and this 25 track CD phenomenon began, it not only put artists under obvious pressure, but diluted many artists music (somewhat). With the exception of a greatest hits/compilation of all your hot songs, there’s NO (true) way artistically and musically possible you can put out 25 ALL hot songs on one CD (that eventually won’t end up sounding the same and lyrically redundant). But you’re certainly closer to hitting the greatest majority of hot songs on one 8 to 10 (15 max) song CD. That way, the fan can concentrate on its ‘concentratedness’ (rather than diluting the music for a stretch and forced album continuity thus, ruining fans trust in your being able to put out a solid, good album with a few great songs). That’s all we need.

So take heed to the Al B. Sure (and now) Adele way.

It’s 2015. We’re too busy for a 30-track CD. And as analog as the world was in the mid 80s-if Al B. could win with an 8 track CD, an artist can flourish out here in these mean, busy, oversaturated digital streets with an 8-11 track CD.

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