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WELCOME TO MY LITTLE BIG MEDIA EMPIRE  The Official One Stop-Content Cop and Drop of Everything Under the Media,…

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} How To Tell If He Is Surviving Off You Or Serious About You

With the Internet enabling social media to be a place afforded the platform to speak; on the daily-varying ideologies, beliefs, races, gender identities etc. are airing grievances, gripes and more. Gender roles and relations are often a hot topic because even before social media, women and men needed to come to the table to have dialog and conversation that hasn’t been had.

It is a serious a subject. And because of, requires well-informed, well-versed speakers to speak on it. Unfortunately, in the name of “branding,” and for shock value and garnering attention; it is being bombarded with sensationalism that’s adding fuel to a fire that was lit since the Women Liberation Movement-which changed the male-female relationship game.
In this AngFrankPodcast,

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} HELP!😰My Girlfriend’s Sexiest Friend Is Coming to Live With Us!

So a male has a dilemma. He and his girlfriend live together. Her friend is needing to come live with…