Fall From Grace To Gutter: Is SCANDAL’s COLUMBUS SHORT Dating “Superhead?” + Why Dating A Man Who Is At, Or Hits Rock Bottom Backfires

grace and once was.


Girl, don’t be that girl.

Society will not permit a man to sit comfortably in this world without getting up, getting out and getting something in it. So it’s better to have you on his back (about life) than the world on his shoulder (for not living as expected) in it. So let him know he has a team in you (over just-some hot nights with you). 

The #1 question to ask a man: What is your passion and are you, or where do you want to be in this lifetime? Your mission [before, if never or until] sleeping with him should be to discover how close he is to it or how far away he is from it-proceed (or digress) accordingly from where you fit in to his picture (or not).

Be that girl.

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