Fall From Grace To Gutter: Is SCANDAL’s COLUMBUS SHORT Dating “Superhead?” + Why Dating A Man Who Is At, Or Hits Rock Bottom Backfires

No Contest in August 2015/September 2015) for having punched out some dude in a bar last year.

columbus smokingIn case you didn’t know, December 2014, Short revealed to our friends at UsWeekly that during his time on Scandal, he struggled with drug abuse and Shonda Rhimes wanted him to “get his stuff together” as, various parts of his personal life were spiraling out of control [that obviously was apparent in his professional life as well].

Fast forward.
Shonda who, is currently on the campaign trail promoting her much anticipated, long awaited book (that we told yous about over a year ago) out now-and titled: “The Year of Yes,” was interviewed by throughout the media spectrum admits (without naming names) having written out some characters off her shows that she either simply hated or were “difficult.” Perhaps Short was one of those characters.

Onward and upward or downward (depending on how you look at it) perhaps this meeting of the minds is the result of two kindred spirits on the same level of life from falls after grace.

Whatever the case or courtship may be, the curious question for many right now is why the 33 year-old actor who had a happening role on one of the hottest television shows in America got kicked off and resorted to starring in less than stellar news reports of violence and now down to landing [at the bottom of the barrel?] and into the arms (or mentions) of what many would refer to as a heat-seeking missle (turned vessel) named Karrine Steffans.

There is a saying that goes, don’t fall in love/get into a relationship when you’re lonely-fall in love/get into a relationship when you are ready and for a woman, when it comes to a man, my thing is this:

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