Fall From Grace To Gutter: Is SCANDAL’s COLUMBUS SHORT Dating “Superhead?” + Why Dating A Man Who Is At, Or Hits Rock Bottom Backfires

Columbus-short-2When a man is not “ready” don’t try to ready him (even if you are and especially-if you, yourself are not).

The worse thing a woman can do for a man who has hit rock bottom or is at a level of a less than desired life is take up with him romantically–rather than simply help him through and be his friend (if liking/loving him enough to want to see him win)-because a man who is not at his personal best is definitely passing time (even moreso than a man who is on his feet or at/near his personal best while dating and deciding).

One thing a woman has to know is that she cannot get a man’s best if he is not at his best. As a king goes, so goes his world-even the bible tells you that. And even without, the same is still true. A man cannot lead if he is not leading. A man cannot court if he is in contempt with himself. What you get (when romantically involving yourself with these types is merely ‘play’)…at your own risk.

Relationshop and choose courtships wisely, and to the extent at which a man is currently “courting” himself in his own life (or simply be his friend and let him combine his already unraveled, seedless, serotonin stress strokes and soul ties with somebody else’s body other than yours) while you breathe, inhale and exhale the chant: “Love me tender but love me true. Love me only with the very best of all of you.”

Let yours be the prize when he’s worked to land on his feet. Keep receipts.

In the end, that “whole” (once broken man) will thank you (or pay you back) for it.


Coulbus Scandalglitter gold starNever forget that men are more snobs and meticulous and “particular” than any book (outside of mine) has never explained and we’ve never given them credit for.

That being the case, give a man memories that he will value. It holds yours (with him).

When men get on their feet, they have a weird way of holding a special kind of disdain for women who let them have their way with them when they were living a stank life and doing stank things. They tend to resent and hold women in contempt for aiding and abetting [him] for making him comfortable with being the man that he (and she) knew he didn’t want to be or fell from

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