#RIPPhifeDawg: A TRIBE CALLED QUEST’S “PHIFE DAWG” Dies, Group Members QTIP, ALI, and JAROBI Mum – Why and What Now?



We in the hip-hop world lost one of the legendary, founding members of rap roots and royalty: Malik Taylor “Phife Dawg” of the iconic rap group A Tribe Called Quest (a.k.a ATCQ).




Notoriously standing out with the dark chocolate mocha skin and the caramel eyes, a.k.a the “Malik The Five Foot Freak” who advised us all in Award Tour



…[that] onstage we could also call him “Dynomutt” may have bit the dust, but his talent and legend he leaves behind was no certainly smoke and mirrors and all the bite Phife was, and forever will be.




Whatever name you chose to call him, Phife Dawg’s  voice was just as unique and recognizable as the lead lyricist Q-Tip (a.k.a. “The Abstract”).



…earning Phife and the guys a spot on one of the mid-90s hottest selling CD’s soundtracks Boomerang

and too, Phife-the Intro/Interlude on TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool multi-platinum banger where he introduced the girls (T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili) with his own unique, street visual and flair-setting the stage up and preparing all listeners for the dopeness about to be displayed. Phife Dawg did that:



After suffering

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