#RIPPhifeDawg: A TRIBE CALLED QUEST’S “PHIFE DAWG” Dies, Group Members QTIP, ALI, and JAROBI Mum – Why and What Now?


patches in their relationship



…and (in addition to the other surviving ATCQ group members Jarobi White (last tweet March 21, 2016) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (last tweet March 17, 2016) we still have yet to see a Twitter response from ATCQ’s lead (Q-Tip) as yet whose last Twitter reply (February 28, 2016) was in congrats to his (close personal friend) Leo DiCaprio, just before that, February 4, 2016 (in condolences of group member Earth, Wind and Fire’s Maurice White) and David Bowie (January 10, 2016).

Phife DawgPosting on Twitter however, is no indicator of his lack of condolence, care or concern. We can’t let our newly adopted social media mindsets trick us into formation that that’s where we all should fall into when posting our thoughts, feelings, lives, lifestyles (or condolences)-in order to prove to the world that we “have,” did, or that there is pulse in us, our thoughts or our lives. Everybody doesn’t subscribe to that need to prove to the world anything.

Regardless, whether or not we get those tweets, A Tribe Called Quest will always be what they ALL meant to us all of us as a tribe in this hip hop life quest that too, lives forever with Phife + QTip + Ali + Jarboi among us all…




May his friends and family be well as Phife rests in peace.




Never dissed, he will be thoroughly missed.

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