GARRY SHANDLING Hangs Out With KATHY GRIFFIN Sunday, Per Doctors Orders-One Day Shy of ER Visit Just Before He Went Into Cardiac Arrest Yesterday

The world of comedy is mourning the death of comedian Garry Shandling, 66, who died of an apparent heart attack as confirmed by his publicist.

Known for his trademark his dry humor and ability to make off the radar unfunny things quite laughable and the perfect target, Shandling’s permanent fixture of a smile set the stage for whatever he was about to say at all times.
Garry Shandling


He just looked as if a joke was on the tip of his tongue and in mind. Just ask my guy Steve Martin


Whether it be during his standup, the shows he wrote for (70s/80s sitcom’s Welcome Back Kotter and Sanford and Son) or in real life among friends like just this past Sunday (March 20) with his friend and fellow comedienne Kathy Griffin


…..Shandling was the funny man he naturally was on, off stage or writing for stage.

Unexpectedly, Tinsletown’s world of comedy is taken quite by surprise now, knowing the very last time they’d seen or hung out with Shandling would be the

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