#RIPPhifeDawg: A TRIBE CALLED QUEST’S “PHIFE DAWG” Dies, Group Members QTIP, ALI, and JAROBI Mum – Why and What Now?


a long 25 year battle with Diabetes Type I, it was reported that Phife Dawg, at the age of 45, succumbed to the disease yesterday evening.

Diagnosed in May 1990-a month after ATCQ’s release of their first album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, it had always been known that Taylor suffered from illness but despite his initial fears, it never showed-the music: he and his talent carried on as never was.

“I thought it was over. I didn’t know everything that I would have to go through: The rights and the wrongs, the dos and the don’ts. I just automatically thought I was done rapping-no more career,” Phife told dLife .

Conquering his initial fear and denial about it, he eventually embraced it as being very much a part of who he was and also gave himself the moniker [that too, he became a.k.a] “The Funky Diabetic.”


Although Dawg eventually had undergone dialysis and was the recipient of a kidney transplant (2008), in 2015, he revealed to NPR he was in need of another transplant

In 2012, in the documentary Beats, Rhymes and Life, Phife’s journey is all there.


Kind words were left by many that were with, worked with, and inspired by him.






































Tribe Called Quest _

On the flip side of things, although, like most groups, the guys had some rough


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