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Boomerang: GRACE JONES Graces AFRO PUNK FEST 2015 Stage in All Her Uninhibited Gallantry and Glory (As Per Usual) …Carry On

I see the always bold, statuesque, disco-era queen of a unique brand of gallantry and grace (Grace Jones) took to…

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} Smart, Strategic Dating During Digital vs. Traditional Times (and who should pay)

Save the night time/dinner to someone you are so comfortable with, well-synced and vibing with that you are practically okay with sleeping with them. Other than that, daytime breakfast, lunch or coffee date it or do “errand drive bys” (in order to assess whether or not you are feeling each other, or not). In addition to, in every city, so many many populated, open, non expensive daytime parks, bookstores, mall parking lots, pullover spots etc.), there is way too much technology out here to not have a dating strategy and especially considering all the time and preparation necessary to sit at the table with a complete stranger–trying to “vibe,” when that part should be good and out of the way (before a night time/dinner date).

In addition to self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, I am top of the line, VERY big on self-preservation (and find that, especially in the dating game, too many people aren’t very self-preserving). Especially for a woman, your actual

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Lead Singer Of Hit Song “I’d Die Without You” by PM DAWN, Attrell Cordes A.k.a “PRINCE BE” Died Yesterday

  If you don’t know PM Dawn for anything else, you definitely remember how the smooth, gentle, melodic sounds their…