#Ferguson Unrest and Protests in the Midwest: The Twists, Turns, Concerns and Yearns of the Ferguson Tragedy

it is them-beyond a reasonable doubt–until then we can’t be “certain.”

…And as well, (human) “eyewitness accounts” after a traumatic event, are too: “alleged” (rather than “certain”-and often times dismissed/not considered).


Regardless the legal jargon and semantics, the time-frame games, the officer bait and switch, or whether the young man on the video tape (allegedly or certainly) “strong arm robbed” (or stole something); the fact of the matter is-a woman’s child is gone for good. Mike Brown is dead and lay there in the middle of the street-unarmed-with multiple gunshot wounds that killed him dead.

The Agony
The Agony

Like you, these men (and women) walking these streets that you “patrol” are needed, loved, and mean something to somebody in their lives.

These men and women are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, nieces and nephews, granddaughters and grandsons, and husband and wives-not some dispensable toy soldiers to some video game going on in your head anymore that your gun being a game joystick/controller.

These human beings are made of flesh and bone-not some pieces of lifeless wood built for the sting of your metal+wooden billy club stick’s sturdy, unforgiving craftmanship.

Your gun is not a water gun or a device filled with Nickelodean silly string.

Your gun is not a fist for swinging, a foot for kicking, or war of words-it is a deadly weapon: certainly

And certainly, someone indeed (beyond a reasonable doubt AND reasonable reason): Died.

FERGUSON _OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMELet’s just hope and pray for justice, a resolution, and healing for all.



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