#Ferguson Unrest and Protests in the Midwest: The Twists, Turns, Concerns and Yearns of the Ferguson Tragedy

walked the talk:

..as well, NELLY mentioned starting up a scholarship fund in Michael Brown’s name.

KEVIN HART , T.I and NBA ball player AL JEFFERSON are pledging $15,000 a year in college tuition to teens hand-chosen by Michael Brown’s family.

Countless other celebs have extended, at bare minimum, their acknowledgement of knowing whats going on whether in support of Mike Brown or having felt empathy for the entire situation as a whole.

Meanwhile as:

…Tiffany Mitchell, 27,

…and the main eyewitness account/person [the friend Dorian Johnson, 22, who was with Mike Brown at the time of the shooting and has yet to be interviewed/questioned by the police department];

…both can (certainly?) let the public know if the cop who killed Mike Brown was:


Darren Wilson: the African American eighteen-year veteran of the Ethical Society of Police

…or back to the drawing board with:

Bryan P. Willman

21165…or is it this “Darren Wilson” (having surfaced 7 days later Saturday, August 16, 2014)


SIDENOTE: About (“certainly?”).

Something else you learn in criminal law/criminal justice:

“Eyewitness” accounts where something traumatic happened and those eyewitnesses are counted on as giving crucial details about certain things that happened during that traumatic event (and especially the race or identity of the “alleged”) their recollection may (or may not be) considered. Why? Because psychologically, criminologists take into strong consideration there’s always a chance that after the fact, “eyewitness” testimonies are recollection of what they think (or wish were so) –after the fact/traumatic event.

Like for, instance, (on the convenience store video tape above): Although it looks like Dorian Johnson is the dread-head guy on the footage along with Mike Brown (dressed like the deceased in the above pic), it shall remain that the two guys (on the tape) are “allegedly” Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson until proving that

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