#Ferguson Unrest and Protests in the Midwest: The Twists, Turns, Concerns and Yearns of the Ferguson Tragedy

the proceeding events that occurred right before (and: “as a result of”) the shooting.

Whether a black or white cop shot Mike Brown, people just are not falling for the okie doke, witch-hunt, legal-jargon and semantics play. People just aren’t about to fall for the time-frame games, and patchwork [that perhaps someone thinking of a master-plan] thinks they are going to pull out of a hat.

Gone are the days of important news being reported to the people and filtered only by radio, television, and print-how and whenever they wish to.

The world of blogs, and social media, even with all their armchair ‘lawyerism’ and confusion (from having a case of ‘ The Quickest-Retweet Finger-i-tis ‘):


………….still, they are on top of it.

Throughout be annoyed by the incessant Ferguson commentary, we should make peace with it by hoping that should (God-forbid) by some unfortunate circumstance we have a private gone public situation of our own, the sensible and rational portion of the world of social media is watching and weighting in like such:


The Pink Elephant in the RoomS.

nellyarchEarly into this situation, the world of social media and celebrity fixed its eyes on Mr. St Louis himself: native St. Louis rapper-Nelly who, did not speak out-immediately.

Alife_g_nelly_400lthough I’m sure he had his reasons, gossip and careless whispers across social media about Nelly (who from the moment he stepped onto the scene, ‘repped’ his city so much that he even managed/brought onto the scene, a group called: The St. Lunatics”), were quite perplexed, to say the least (literally), that he wasn’t the first to step up from the world of celebrity.

He did speak out eventually: “I understand the frustration, but we have to strategize before we overreact. We don’t get no do-over on sh!t like this, so we have to do it right the first time.”

The St. Louis native continued: “Ain’t nothing happen no different that hasn’t been happening. At the end of the day, we should have waited to strategize first and take all the right steps to organize.”

…like he did.

Many other celebs across social media too, have [spoken]:


Comedian KATHY GRIFFIN who feels this issue was all but a laughing matter had this to say:

Comedian EDDIE GRIFFIN (no relation to Kathy 🙂 ) didn’t think this matter was ‘funny’ either:

…Other rappers spoke out, like: DAVID BANNER



Director, SPIKE LEE:


…singer JANELLE MONAE demonstrated a solid show of support and acknowledgement:

…singer-musician JOHN LEGEND expressed himself:

…St. Louis native, former model and founder of BabyPhat KIMORA LEE SIMMONS put her money where her mouth is and

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