#Ferguson Unrest and Protests in the Midwest: The Twists, Turns, Concerns and Yearns of the Ferguson Tragedy

going to be releasing:


  • Some previously unreported details regarding the killing of Mike Brown (involving an alleged robbery that took place right before he was shot)

and as well:

  • The name of the police officer that shot 18 year-old Mike Brown

Finally (and as many believed)

…while the looters afforded St. Louis P.D time [to be] thinking of a master plan (since the focus became the unrest and looting rather than on them doing their job)…they showed up bright and early Friday-the morning of August 15, 2014-with their master plan and proceeded to pull their rabbit out of the hat in the interest of fool full disclosure; offering the real officer’s name who shot Mike Brown

…drumroll please:

 “Darren Wilson”

*horns play* duh duh duh dunnnn

 …sooooooooo…just “forget about the guy named Bryan P. Willman (atop the beginning of this write-up) ‘cause that aint him”…is basically what the St. Louis P.D may as well be saying to the world that was hanging onto Bryan P. Willman a.k.a “Scooby Willman” ’s Facebook page (as being leaked and named as being the definite shooter of Mike Brown—according to the hackers that leaked and circulated the snapshot).

To the world of social media, that name being released was almost like almost like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator” -in search of every ‘Sarah Connor’ in the phone book he could find.

Woe to anybody in the world of social media whose name was “Darren Wilson.”

The Twist, Bait, Switch (And Problem)

While, like any physical or mental ailment or issue; doctors (psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians) know that subconsciously (as human psychology would have it), people/human beings feel some semblance of normalcy and sense of relief having a name for any ailment, issue, or problem.

So (like a doctor), holding a press conference (and five days later-after all the looting and may lay) the St. Louis P.D rolled out a name-gave us a “fix” : Darren Wilson…

Oh what a relief it is (but not so fast-fast). Plop. Plop.

Here’s why:

Isn’t It Ironic?

…“Yeah I really do think”—as sang by Alanis Morissette

DARREN WILSON OR NOBecause also on the St. Louis Police force, there is a real guy named Darren R. Wilson-an eighteen year veteran of the Ethical Society of Police, but ironically, is African American (as is Mike Brown).

OFFICER DARREN R WILSONJust so you know, Darren Wilson’s name wasn’t just pulled out of a hat—he was around right before the shooting occurred, directing (a then alive) Mike Brown out of the middle of the street from blocking traffic—earlier that day.

At any rate, a kind of “warning shot” for the St. Louis P.D. In an effort to get his name and involvement out of the bait and switch press conference name-dropping switcheroo, this explanation to the people of the community was released:DARREN R WILSON _ DARREN WILSON FERGUSON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME

Now About Those “Unreported Details Regarding The Killing Of Mike Brown (Involving An Alleged Robbery That Took Place Right Before He Was Shot)”:

MILE BROWN SURVEILLANCE ALLEGED ROBBERY FERGUSON OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEJust before the shooting occurred, Mike Brown was “allegedly” involved in a convenience store “strong arm” robbery.

SIDE NOTE (about this “strong arm” thing): Having dabbled around and interested in many majors-undecided and thinking I wanted criminal justice or forensics as a career in my early college years of majoring in Liberal Arts psychology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in corrections v. law enforcement-we had a pretty intensive study of the basics of in criminology, criminal law, and terminology (hence my use of the word “recidivism” in another blog I wrote).

Since then, which was not that long ago, maybe the terminology has upgraded/changed. But I never heard tell of a robbery called “strong arm robbery.” Back in my days of studying criminology, something like such was simply: “assault,” “assault with a weapon,” “assault and robbery” (and any ‘robbery’ of a store or bank etc—with the word ‘robbery’ involved was a real robbery (with or without a weapon)…

And (depending on the state) stealing or assault wasn’t ‘robbery’ (“strong-arm” or otherwise). It was just: “theft,” and/or “assault” or “robbery.”

download (1)…But I’m just gonna sit like the Kermit the Frog memes running around the Internet and say “it’s none of my business”

ROBBERY REPORTNeedless to say, according to the report and the time stamp of the surveillance (alleged to be that of Mike Brown) the time was conflicting: The time of the police communications report vs. the time was killed was a difference in a couple of hours.

In addition to the fact that it is already public knowledge that the cop who killed Mike Brown was unaware of what happened in that store, the other problem with that is…thanks to the world of social media watching and dissecting this whole thing unfold,


…many are very aware and on guard for the St. Louis P.D’s need to closely relate the alleged convenience store “strong arm robbery” as the reason for this “Darren Wilson” [possibly Bryan P. Willman?] having an alibi or reason to serve as

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