Rapper BEANIE SIGEL Released From Federal Custody Today

Dwight Grant a.k.a rapper: Beanie Sigel, most notably known from the rap group State Property, was released from prison today following a two-year stint for failing to pay $728,000.00 in taxes between the 1999-2005 tax years. Additionally, for possession of a controlled substance in August 2012, Sigel was slapped with a six-twenty three month sentence.

Sigel was an artist under The Dame Dash Music Group (headed by Damon Dash) and Roc-A-Fella Records (headed by Jay Z).

BEANIE SIGEL _CENTER_FREEWAY_LEFTHailing South Philadelphia, Wright was given the street name “Beanie Sigel” and has sold over 2 million albums worldwide.

In-fight and controversy began when in 2009 Sigel signed to 50 Cent’s label: G-Unit Records and recorded I Go Off (feat. 50 Cent)-a song dissing Jay Z.

In 2011 Beanie was featured on Travis Barker’s album Give the Drummer Some where he explained [that would be] the end of his rap career.

Although in May 2011 in the world of rap, rumors were swirling that Sigel had apologized to Jay Z; in an interview with DJ Green Lantern, Sigel denied ever “apologizing” [to Jay Z] and as well, stated he was still doing making music.

Welp, it is now August 14, 2014 and Beanie Sigel is out of jail as of today and I guess we will have to wait and see if he and Jay Z are chums and/or if he is going to pick up where he last left us: [having told DJ Green Lantern]: “making music.”

Like he says (in State Property-the movie): “You’ either gonna get down or lay down!”

That being said, the saga or snippets (either one, or both) will continue.

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