SHEMAR MOORE Dishes on Being DISMISSED By Alicia Keys – How He Had Her At ‘Goodbye’ But Messed Up

               download (3) Shemar Moore probably has more women on his romantic repertoire than his cuts and male curves would typically allow (for the average man). And for many women, Shemar Moore’s no “average” man and for the most part would be more than likely to throw their curves and him before every attempting to “curve,” him. images (8)

SIDENOTE: Just so you know, “curve” used to be a word that simply meant what it was, now (in 2014) it also means: to shag or give someone the duff—you know, give ‘em the slip: reject them.

download  Well traditionally the only curving in Shemar’s are the ones being thrown at him unless of course your name is Alicia Keys.

download (2) Yep, Alicia Keys was that hot cutie that everybody was wondering about and trying to get at when you first step up on the R & B scene. She was fresh-faced, cornrolled and had a demeanor like everybody’s homegirl and a dude’s homey-lover-friend. Not to mention her sexy, but had talent to match. She was more than just a pretty face.

images (2)  “I fell in love with her eyes,” confessed Moore.

Obviously Shemar Moore put his dark piercing pupils on the new industry honey that obviously put something on his mind. Because here it is over ten years later and he confessed the reject in a recent interview with Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson.

images (4) While on the Red Carpet of the People’s Choice Awards, the images (6)Criminal Minds superstar said that while at a listening party, during the time he was the host of Soul Train, he approached Keys with all his sexy splendor but it wasn’t quite music Keys was trying to hear.

images He stated: “She played the piano and she had the cornrows, the voice. I was like: ‘she is the business!’ So I went up to her and I got it together and I said: ‘I don’t know what your man situation is like but when you’re not working I’d love to take you out some time.”

(Oh I can just see the grin on his face and in his mind right now as I type this-it’s that thing that men do—especially when they’re so used to getting “results”).


images (5) Well, much to Moore’s chagrin, Keys wasn’t interested and replied:

images (1)“Look here son. I respect your flirt game. But my man situation is handled.”

She handled you, man (no pun intended).download (1)

……..“And that is a true story,” said Moore.

Well, scouts honor  I can vouch for it being true too, y’all. I’m a witness Shemar. I know a guy (very close to me in the industry) who just so happened to have been telling me this same story, and was around the select group of homies who Shemar told this same story to—ten years ago.

Over the years, I can’t lie, when I would see Shemar (on televison), I would giggle a lil’ bit (at the thought of the scene in my head).

In my Alicia Keys voice It’s like this “son:”  The game ‘don’t stop ‘cause a Player gets knocked.”images (7)

Shemar is still FINE (and “RELEVANT”)!

NOTE TO DUDES: It just be all about timing with the ladies-that all…

You dudes got to be put up on some game with how to handle the ladies. Think three things: Timing, place & situation.

In this situation, since they are

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