JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Runs Straight to the Border After Big PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS Win

So Justin Timberlake was a big winner at this years 40th Annual People’s Choice Award and he couldn’t have been happier-so happy that even before partying amongst his conglomerates, he headed straight for the border: Taco Bell.

127123-original  That’s right the 32 year-old P’r&b (Pop + R&B) crooner headed straight for the boarder after winning the three prestigious honors and instead of bestowing his presence amongst the stars, did the honors and presented himself among the crew at a Taco Bell establishment.


The Holy Grail singer shared several photos of himself and several employees and posted:


Can’t front on a fast food Mexican delicacy available to you as a 4th meal in a flash.

Former N’Sync boy band member was also present-and posed behind the register while flashing the peace sign.

This night was the cuteness for sure.

Congratulations Justin, from Other Side of the Fame! 

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