SHEMAR MOORE Dishes on Being DISMISSED By Alicia Keys – How He Had Her At ‘Goodbye’ But Messed Up

both industry, chances are, he would run into her again. Cash this time OUT.

When you want to get you mack on with that “one” (in THIS situation) Shemar should’ve just stepped to her, expressed his respect and admiration for her talent, introduced himself, then expressed his hoping to see her around.

Not trying to get your mack on after stepping to a girl in that manner makes the diesel’est of girls feel insecure (even if for a second). She’ll wonder why you didn’t try to bag her up.

Good for you though fellas, because next time you see her-chances are, she would at least be ready to give you her number. Your detached mack game was already set in stone and you had her at GOODBYE …(but make it look believable).

Don’t worry fellas, although this book is for you too, I’m going to get a book out EXCLUSIVELY for you guys too (on how to handle the ladies).

Until next time. Talk to yous later.


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