OPRAH’s 8-Day #BeliefSeries | What Does #Belief Mean To You?

Oprah Belief series October 18Right now, (while writing this) I don’t quite have the answer for #Beliefin3words. But if it’s three things I’m front and center for (as it pertains to the human condition of the ‘person’) I’m front and center for what you:

  • What you think
  • What you feel

and (especially)

  • What you believe

Although what,and who we say we are (and what others think we are) is important- nothing tells the truth about who we really are better than when we express what we think, what we feel and moreover: what we believe.

Belief is important because it takes us out of this “world.” Out of this world meaning [that] in all our ‘adulting.’ belief allows us to go back the what’s innate versus what we learned. ‘Learned’ meaning the conditions and thought processes we adhere to so as to not be “punished” isolated, ridiculed, or thought to be abnormal-based upon what we (personally) believe about a person, a place or a thing (outside of what we having been pressured/peer pressured and told by the world is “acceptable” to normalcy).

As adults, once we choose to BELIEVE what is deemed normal and conducive to our ‘adultness,’ we can make

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