LAMAR ODOM Airlifted and Listed in Critical Condition After Being Found Unresponsive At Brothel

Lamar Odom

Although with details having come into play, like:

  • Sin City (Las Vegas)
  • “The Love Ranch” (brothel)
  • Herbal Viagra

…a cocktail and concoction of such [details] could give quite a visual worth chuckling about. But what happened to Lamar Odom as a result of-is hardly a laughing matter.

Lamar Odom lakersAccording to reports, the 35 year-old troubled former Knicks and Lakers basketball player was found unconscious at the brothel after consecutive days of partying whereby it was reported that Odom had been taking the herbal substitute.

On late Tuesday afternoon, he was found in the VIP suites unconscious and rolled onto his side with mucus excreting from his nose and mouth. The woman who found him screamed hysterically for the manager who then called 911 where by ambulance, he was rushed to Pahrump hospital where he was admitted and intubated from an inability to breathe on his own. It’s being reported that since then, he was being airlifted to another hospital for further treatment.

Lamar Odom black and white picHis condition is listed as “critical” [and he’s] “fighting for his life.”

Our sincerest of thoughts and get well wishes are with him.


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