Aw Man Homie…My Grind Is Playing Tricks On Me: Hip Hop Artist SCARFACE Arrested Moments From Exiting Stage After Receiving BET Hip Hop Honor


“I keep lookin’ over my shoulder and peepin’ ‘round co’ners….my mind grind is playin’ tricks on me.”

Geto Boys

Although southwest rapper Scarface (Geto Boys) sang those same sentiments in his popular 90s hit “My Mind Is Playing Tricks One Me,” this past weekend he probably felt like his grind was playing tricks on him.

As per Freddy O, the legendary, well-respected rapper was in Atlanta this past weekend for the taping of the BET Hip Hop Music Awards where he was the proud recipient of the I Am Legend award but was arrested upon exiting the stage and greeted by the boys in blue.

Scarface BET Awards I Am Legend Award

Reportedly, Brad Terence Jordan has warrants issued under his name and wasn’t lawfully supposed to leave the Lone Ranger State, however 10 sheriffs deputies were right there waiting to do the honors of transporting him straight back to Texas after receiving the honor.


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