Residual Republican STACEY DASH Ditched By FOX

Gag Me with a Spoon Coon.

Stick a fork in Miss Dash. Fox is parting ways from her.

The 90s sitcom star just can’t catch a break.

Well…she did (and managed to get canned) on a BET’s night time drama series Single Ladies.

Since then, the wannabe right wing, residual republican threw herself in to embarrassing displays of support for the republican party members. By (obviously) meticulously making lists and checking twice, the stirred things up constantly, getting camera time on things she could rebut—almost to a point of some new branding effort and quest she was on.

Dash was seemingly designing herself to become infamously known as the popular opinion dasher at every turn, toll and cost.

Well for a while, it worked. And while Trump was running for president, Fox News gave her a (seemingly) steady gig: A place on the Fox News couch thinking she could pop politics with the best of ‘em. Somehow though, that always seemed to go over about as clueless as the title of the show that made her famous but oh well, she was good for serving their purpose: ratings.

Fast forward.

The popular news channel decided to dash without Ms. Dash now that their favorite guy got his new job.

While this may, or may not be a crushing blow to Stacey, #BlackTwitter and social media dragged her for filth, regardless.

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Author: Angela Sherice