STACEY DASH Feels Boycotting Black History Month and BET Is As Necessary As Boycotting the OSCARS

They say life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you react to it. And Stacey Dash, today (and for times on social media when Fox Television let’s her out the gate), should be a reminder of that-and here we are, reacting to a defunct actress.

*blows bangs.

Silly us.

12540675_569960523159186_1781312858340341093_nIt was just last month Fox Television ‘suspended’ their “correspondent” (slash) defunct and uninvited Hollywood actress who proudly wears her new title (where she feels embraced and will always have a ‘job’ now).clueless-actress-stacey-dash-joins-fox-news

Unfortunately, that ‘job’ happens to be her being a pawn for a right wing syndicated television network who, in the greater scheme of things, care nothing about her personally (or professionally).

Fair exchange is no robbery however because obviously, Dash feels that since she’s sorta blacklisted from black (and all of Hollywood actually), being whitelisted on Fox TV still gives her a platform, air time, and a voice—with which to air out her personal black issues grievances which, in turn: serves their good ole boy roster-laden purposes and gets them ratings (by letting an attractive, uninformed, black woman speak half-cocked and unintelligibly about racially motivated, political issues that keep the aging station looking ‘hip’).

It was just reported last month that Fox Television was ‘aging out’ with its viewers, with a headline reading:

Fox News Is Literally Dying Of Old Age As Younger Viewers Refuse To Watch Fox

Jason Easley of Political US USA reported:

Audience data for 2015 contains bad news for Fox News. Fox continues to march towards extinction as the average age of Fox News, primetime viewers is stuck at 68, while the revitalized CNN saw their average viewer age drop to 59  TVNewser reported, “Through Dec. 15

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