Sensationalism and STACEY DASH: Why She Needs To Have Several Seats

stacey-dash-fox-newsStacey Dash went for it again: accepted the invitation to be made an example of-by insisting on spewing her political beliefs beyond the realm of her limits and respective threshold: Twitter.

This time around, the Clueless actress appeared on the Fox News Channel, weighing in on President Barack Obama’s speech about terrorism and had this to say:

It’s ridiculous. His speech was an epic fail. It was like when you have to go to dinner with your parents, but you have a party to go to afterwards, that’s what it felt like. He was just trying to get thorough it because he wanted to go to this event after words. I did not feel any better. I didn’t feel any passion from him. Like you said. I felt like he could give a sh/t. Excuse me. Like he could care less. He could care less. And here we have 14 people dead. Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. His speech should have had a lot more passion.

Well obviously, Stacey got a bit too passionate (herself) and despite the 3-second delay saving her expletive from being broadcast, she (along with another “contributor”) still got booted.

Following Dash’s statement, the other contributor Lt. Col. Ralph Peters stated [quote]

“You’re afraid! This guy is such a total pu%%y, it’s stunning.”

[end quote]

Needless to say, and despite the FCC’s 3-second delay, both got suspended from Fox.



If I were to be frank and honest, for Stacey, a black woman who not only can’t live down having been an actress in her most notable role “Clueless,” (who, for the past couple years and out of nowhere since her acting gig stints gone downhill) under the guise of being/feeling like a closely associated member of the right winged parties, insists on delving into the cutthroat world of politics without first, having a clue about social politics, for (1)

Politics (over time and history) is man’s game and as a woman who, [where gendered is concerned–by this, and many other countries is considered the bottom of the totem  pole], has to be on top of her “sh/t” game in the game of politics—for anybody to give a sh/t what she’s talking about. “On top of her game” meaning: Spewing emotional and passionate rhetoric with the Right Wing Party’s hand claps playing theme music for your mind won’t cut the mustard.

glitter gold starOut the gate in this, Stacey played herself and forfeited being taken seriously and respected for posing in that Baywatch swimsuit in front of the American flag while googly-eyed at Paul Ryan (that’s for first starters). Politics is a “man’s” game and sex don’t sell in politics-especially a black woman. A black woman’s political acumen (or otherwise -in front of/while out on the world’s stage) has to be better than everybody’s, as, out there-there are no provisions, sincere apologies or pity for error or the erroneous. Out the gate, she made a completely packaged fool of herself, way back then. 

Considering the fact that despite all women’s movements and liberated stances we women have taken (and successfully conquered), being considered the “weaker” gender (therefore) at the bottom of the totem pole of genders will always be a woman’s fight about as much as this very same country’s 1 Drop Rule: No matter how half and half we insist on being/proving our point of who we-in part-are), this country doesn’t ‘honor’ that and divide life’s pie to the more privileged side).

In considering that (alone) ANY woman, has to have an above average savvy, and wit above hand claps as theme music sound bites playing in her head while she spews from her tongue.

In addition to her gender position (in this game) the fact that Stacey Dash is black/ “African American”, is another minus in her corner—should she not possess the acumen, wit, and savvy to execute well in the game of politics and Stacey

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