BEYONCE Thwarts Doubt That She ‘Gave Birth’ Early-In, UC Berkeley Deletes Alt-Right Speaker MILO She Pregnancy+ MIKE PENCE Turns Black History Month Over To Abe Lincoln, Honestly

Education, privilege, preference, and prestige-along with all sense, sensibility and astuteness-went totally out into the windows surrounding the campus of UC Berkeley where conservative online blog site and “alt-right (Breitbart)’s right hand man Milo Yiannopulos was penciled in to speak. That plan got deleted before quick got ready, however.

As oxymoronic as it sounds [the gay, republican]
annoyed himself right into a major book deal where (obviously) part of that deal includes making rounds ‘round towns to speaking engagements. Turns out however, Wednesday’s shin dig was canceled when student marched in protest that turned unexpectedly violent of Berkeley caliber students.

(Surely when the fires die down and the ashes are blowing in the streets, we’re bound to hear that not one Berkeley student was involved in these acts)….

In the meantime, head on over to our sister site to get the deets on all that happened in those UC Berkeley campus streets.

Author: Angela Sherice