What DONALD TRUMP Can Learn From Jason Galvin – Army Vet Sharpshooter Who Shot Down Tree To Save Bald Eagle

You see while Donald Trump had a good time quipping [that] his draft papers got lost in the mail (as for that reason, he never served our country), perhaps 2 tour Afghan Army vet and sharp shooter Jason Galvin of Minnesota might inspire him.

Surely, next time when Trump meets a bald eagle he’ll be a bit bolder and braver when coming face to face with our nation’s symbol: The majestic, endangered Bald Eagle.

Although The Donald very well may have been protecting his neck’s nest and combover when the eagle he was doing a commercial with got to close to him (most probably thinking it was a new, bleached nest he was gonna try to land and poop on), the fact of the matter is: Donald was scared (yet, he wants to run the country eh?)

Well perhaps he should take notes from the Army vet who did a good deed that turned out to be a rather patriotic duty-given that he rescued a bald eagle that had been hanging from a tree like a Bush era chad hanging from the voting booth cards [once upon a disastrous time].

For two days, Jason Galvin had been

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