Depreciation In Advance: SHONDA RHIMES Disses Petition To Remove JESSE WILLIAMS From GREY’S ANATOMY + Why This Petition Was An Oxymoron

Wasting Spending time gathering to draw up a petition to have Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams fired from the executive chair in which Shonda Rhimes sits is like a head without a neck: while the fingers may still wiggle, it’s still dead so…keep wiggling your fingers.


…Like preachin’ to the choir (it already knows the sermon).

…Like telling fish tales where they know the fish (they already know the fish-therefore, the tales)

It’s dead, already people!

THINK-LIKE-A-MAN-TOOIt was just around this very same time two years ago, Essence magazine was under fire the radar for having five of the eight male stars on its July 2014 cover for the movie Think Like A Man, Too.

While that may sound trivial, the “problem” was: Essence plucked the raisins of the bunch and gave them some shine on their published polymer while the remaining men (Jerry Ferrara, Gary Owen, and Adam Brody) were left out of the shoot and cover.

While we are living in a time right now where every noun with a pulse is as much a brand obliged as a product, place, or thing; it’s easy to think our collective (or singular) voice has a rebel yell that cries with enough power to say “no, no more” …and that’s precisely what this petition to fire Jesse wants.

The curious question was, boycotting [the Time Inc. owned] Essence magazine is what… finger on chin who wanted? Because (statistically and hard core factually), very few Essence magazines are in book racks of many non-black homes so…that begged the question in ones mind, repeatedly: Who in the hell was going to boycott it and how can you boycott something you don’t support anyway!?

That end May/beginning of June 2014 time on Twitter was by far theeeeeeeeee most hilarious in oxymoronic hashtag history!

All jokes aside however, let me take a moment to explain something.

You-reading this, regardless your race,

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