What DONALD TRUMP Can Learn From Jason Galvin – Army Vet Sharpshooter Who Shot Down Tree To Save Bald Eagle


calling authorities about seeing the eagle hanging about 75 feet up: stuck.


RamboJason’s wife Jackie enticed him to bring out the handy dandy artillery skills he learned in the army: sharp shooting. Given the fact that he needed to shoot the rope to free the bird, it was imperative that Jason got his “Rambo” on without incident. (In case yous didn’t know, killing an endangered species is a crime so, killing it, even while trying to save it and set it free, could land even an Army vet in court).

So after borrowing his neighbor’s rifle, 2 and a half hours, and 150 bullets later, the bird was loosed.

Although the eagle was taken away, the Galvin’s gave him a name: Freedom.


Freedom is now caught up in the rapture of love at Raptor Center and reportedly, will make a full recovery and fly like an eagle again, soon. Hopefully we won’t have to get him out of Trumps hair next time around.
trump hair and rambo header trump hair and rambo header


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