Avon Police Department Issues Apology For Tackling 41 Year-Old Dubai Businessman Ahmed al-Menhali Mistaken For Pledging Allegiance To Isis In Hotel

Let’s face it, it’s America’s birthday and with ISIS running amok, authorities are on high alert looking for possible threats to our life, property—and limb.

Central Park New York man loses foot steps on homeade bomb

While it turns out the 18 year-old guy at New York’s Central Park took that leap and single bound that rendered him footless and landed him on (what turned out to be) a homemade bomb that’s thought to have been planted there in preparation for July 4th’s festivities (rather than an act of terrorism), things went down in Avon, Ohio a little differently.

Unfortunately, the fantasies of catching a terrorist in the act and going viral didn’t quite work out for the police department there when an Abu Dubai tourist was ambushed over a (later) clear case of mistaken identity and overhearing what you thought you heard but didn’t.


What some are deeming “anti-Muslim bigotry” a police body captured an Avon PD officer pulling up on a 41 year-old Emirates man from Abu Dhabi named Ahmed al-Menhali and tackling him to the ground after what was believed, a conversation being overheard by a Fairfield Inn hotel clerk [of him] pledging allegiance to ISIS, this past Wednesday. June 29.

After the dramatic ordeal, the businessman was later

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