‘Conservative’ Controversial Commentator TOMI LAHREN Get’s STACEY DASHED For Pro Life Views, Fox Vet JUDY SLATER Gets Fired, DONALD TRUMP Eyes Another OBAMA Feat To Defeat

The political white girl version of Fox’s News contributor ex-Fox News Contributor, Stacey Dash just got ‘Stacey Dashed.’

In an ironic twist of (the same-different) sort of fates, something strange happened.

If you remember, we reported to yous that Stacey Dash got booted as soon as the January 2017 election was won. Her services being used for ratings was no longer needed). During her time at Fox, although conservatives didn’t boot her for the alleged abortion rumors a rapper put out about her, the blonde to her ambition: Tomi Lahren actually did get booted—for merely defending women’s rights on abortion.

As well, Donald Trump may have missed the opportunity to tuck a ‘healthcare deal’ win under his belt this past Friday when he thought he could handle his constituents like his television show boardroom.


Still, didn’t stop him from eyeing another one of his imagined dragon’s doings: Former president Obama’s environmental initiatives.

Check these and other articles at our sister site ToriSpilling.com and find out why [along with Tomi Lahren and the firing of another Fox New veteran-Judy Slater, Morning Joe hosts feel that Trump’s Kellyanne Conway should be banned and added to these lists of girls to throw away.

#AlternativeFacts Facts stated that Slater was fired for quote: “abhorrent behavior” end quote. Reportedly, she got so beside herself that she made offensive comments to African American employees at work and for that, got canned.

Obama post-presidency

Meanwhile, Obama is still out here looking cool in his sporty, chocolate leather jacket while playing with kids in the park, having what many are referring to [as] “the best post presidency ever” and while their claim to fame may be “flying friendly skies,” United Airlines is out here being less than friendly on the asphalt-kicking mofos out of thin air.

Reportedly, the airline is out here stopping 10 year-old from boarding because of wearing leggings. This one confused me by far because I was sure that after researching the story, some big booty Instagram dame was going to be the subject of this stop and frisk. But no, much to my surprise, it was a mere child with lil’ frog legs and stood the chance of offending appalling anyone looking her way. Either way, it was stupid.

United Airlines refused three girls, one of whom was 10, on board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings  on Sunday. It defended the decision after receiving complaints from other passengers on Twitter

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Author: Angela Sherice