Caught Out There: New Dad IMAN SHUMPERT (Cheating) & Right Wing STACEY DASH (Aborting) – Is Social Media Attention for Fame Worth The Shame?

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While we all were away for Christmas tending to friends, family and things under trees;  hoodbooger sites and hood nigg@$ were out on the prowl making sure yous didn’t miss anything through the grapevine as, the love and unique birthing process behind the Cavs’ Iman Shumpert and R&B singer Teyana Taylor ( + the death of what could have been born) got Nappy Roots rapper Ryan Prophet rolling the past back some seven years that, as per him-had it not been for Stacey Dash, his child could have been here to unwrap presents from beneath the tree yesterday, too.

Christmas Day was no deterrent from the hoodboger site seeking to ruin the bliss shared between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert as, before proof of what they wanted the gossipmongers of social media to buy could even be produced, the hoodbooger site dropped a blind item glaucoma laden tweet reading:

That NBA player y’all think is so damn faithful because he just had a baby with that girl just set up a date with my decoy

Hoodbooger post1

…Obviously with sites like us and others spreading the joy and sweetness of the couples’ moment (considering a new quest and psychological brand of envy under the guise and bandwagon of the Internet’s run down hashtag #RelationshipGoals) not everybody was going to share Shumpert and Taylors joy.

(Allegedly, after that post, Shumpert blocked them):

Shumpert blocks hoodbooger site


Low and behold low, (and most probably for attention to the hoodbooger site) the 140-character tidbit of gossip was blasting and backed by no receipts—(down to now, over 24 hours since putting out there).

Whether it be true or not, it did get enough people gossiping about it and dissecting layers of Teyana’s past and Iman’s past as a basis to whether to determine whether or not the rumor is probable or no. Either way, it didn’t stop the memes from coming:


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Meanwhile back over in Instagram Ignorantgram Ignatgram , whether dude was caught all up in

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