Gangster Party: SNOOP To Induct TUPAC to Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame


Nowadays Snoop Dogg can be found hanging in the kitchen with his friend, and fellow felon and domesticated goddess: Martha Stewart.



The two unexpected, unequally yoked stars can be found on VH1’s #MarthaAndSnoop cracking eggs and jokes with friends.

Snoop, a family man and street raised but long left his gangster past is known for still keeping in “G” with the homies.



“Two multi-millionaires motherfckers catching cases” was all but a line out of a Snoop rap song of the late rapper artistic Tupac’s “Gangster Party,” but now that heaven has called its “G” doesn’t mean the game stops ‘cause a ‘playa’ gets knocked.



For Tupac and/or Snoop fans, it’s being reported that Snoop D-o-double-dizzle my nizzle will do the h-izzles of inducting the slain rapper into the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Author: Angela Sherice