AARON SORKIN Didn’t Know There Was A Diversity Problem In Hollywood, OITNB’s SAMIRA WILEY and Girlfriend Marry, LADY GAGA, KATY PERRY Party For Elton’s 70th, Doting Mom MADONNA Gifts Culturally Sensitive Dolls With New Daughters




(That’s impressive and worth taking note of. Given standards of beauty often not celebrated in African American culture, it’s good that Madonna gave the girls dolls that looked like them. Not even many black American parents do that).

While superstar, “Material Girl” Madonna’s out here riding and making strides-bonding, showing off her new pickney’s artistic abilities and proving she’s culturally sensitive to the experience of her two girls she adopted from the Motherland, a Hollywood vet producer and screenwriter and major force in “Tinseltown” (Aaron Sorkin)’s out here in these social media and industry streets (pretending?) to be unaware that there is (or ever was?)  a diversity problem in Hollywood and conniption fits running amok.

Meanwhile, across the water, U.K’s Boris Johnson is scolding Google for what he claims is “profiting from extreme content” (via ads). No word from Google on that or whether its reps will continue to let Johnson talk to the hand as, the search engine giant busy replacing “Google Talk”-so clearly that’s pretty much all the “talking” they care to have for now.

Elton John, is out here kicking, “still standing,” and kicking it with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and other celebs at his 70th birthday bash. Surely they had no male strippers for entertainment but should anybody in Jersey need one, reportedly Jon of Jon & Kate Plus 8’s ready and available to roll his body like a snake.

Sources say the emasculated father fallen from reality grace has got himself a new job as a stripper and actually loves it-calls it a “blessing.”

Antonio Bandera pretty much was just that, as the actor reportedly confessed that In January, he actually had a low-key heart attack that ‘wasn’t serious.”

Riding off into the sunset and bliss is (OINTB)Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley marrying girlfriend, writer Lauren Morelli during what science’s astronomer find quite odd and intrigued by: For a full two week now; the sun has been spotless, and Beauty in the Beat’s record remains just that-boasting and beasting a whopping $88.3 million at the box office and a total of $700 million worldwide!

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Author: Angela Sherice