Cincinnati Zoo #Gorilla Harambe’s KING KONG-Like Beginning & End: Boy Falls into Enclosure, Gorilla Killed

God created winged birds to fly on air, sea creatures under water, and humans and animals to live on land. That part came with the understanding that animals have their part of the land (the animal kingdom) and we humans-ours (human society).

For some, unfortunately (and fortunately for others) many winged, water, and earthly creatures are taken from their habitats and put on display for our human viewing pleasure and recreation.

While “shoot to kill” is a language [made] demonstrative by humans hired to protect and serve, such things happen (too) with real animals. When by accident or incident, humans venture off into uncharted animal territory, they may require a bit of protection from real animals.

Such was the case just yesterday when a 17 year-old, 450 pound male, Western Iowaland silverback gorilla named Harambe got himself an unexpected visitor who, like him, also had two arms, two legs, quite a bit smaller and looked nothing like him.

Harambe the Gorilla Cincinnati Zoo
Harambe seen here posing for the ‘Gram


Given movies like Mighty Joe Young and especially [in] King Kong, much to our delight, we’ve seen what life could be like–falling into animal kingdom territory by which love and affection between human and animal made for quite the fairy tale.



Whether we had ourselves a millennial King Kong fantasy on our hands is something we won’t be seeing hearing tale tell of as, before Harambe could get 3 or 4 year-old Isaiah into his hands, he was shot to death by Cincinnati zoo officials (in order to save the boy from what could have been, given animal’s unpredictable nature).

Harambe and the child Cincinnati Zoo

The entire scene was caught on video by zoo visitor Kim O’Connor. And while the more pleasant parts of Harambe’s innocent visitor was played for news stations around the world (showing the gorilla being nothing less than a gentle giant-by pulling at the little boys pant leg and nudging the boy toward him), reportedly, what led to the split second decision to shoot to kill Harambe was the fact that the more graphic part of the video showed Harambe actually dragging the 3 year-old boy through the moat in the gorilla enclosure.


The boy was rescued and taken safety-just around the corner to the local Children’s Hospital Medical Center. His condition was listed as “serious” but he was released late night night.



One would question why Harambe wasn’t shot with a tranquilizer gun rather than killed, but given his size, zoo officials said

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