Mugshot At Greatness: “Fine Felon” Jeremy Meeks Replaced By #PRISONBAE Sarah Seawright

I know. I know. I know.

I know we shouldn’t be glorifying stuff like this because soon (as a last resort at their shot at greatness all over this mug called the Internet) people are really going to start putting on their Sunday best in search of getting their mugshot to go viral.

Although “Fine Felon” Jeremy Meeks was working on his rap sheet long before he got the jailhouse deal that sent him poppin’ in these Internet streets skreets, it was the world of social media by which we came to know who Meeks was.

Well say hello to Sarah Seawright who’s gone viral and given he name #PrisonBae.

Sara Seawright Mugshot


The classically pretty 24 year-old Little Rock Arkansas native landed on these Internet skreets when she was booked into a Pulaski Country jailhouse for failing to appear in court for a 2014 reckless driving charge.Sara Seawright

Reportedly, Seawright also has robbery, kidnapping,  and battery accusations under her belt stemming from a theft that occurred

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