What Makes BIG BOI Wrong + Right About His Insulting Meme About FLORIDA EVANS x Women Of Today

By end social media dragging, Outkast’s Big Boi was made to feel like a lil’ boy and handled something like this, perhaps:

13315262_625277020960869_4594316487373505110_n“You know what your are? ..and I didn’t think so. You’re a dog. You’re a maddddddddd dog to be exact.”

 “You know what? You fckd with the wrong one. You know something? …A man…just comes along…and he BUYS us off the shelf…And he plays with us. Playyyyys…with us until he thinks we’re no longer fun…or…he gets us all dirty, right? Then he wants to just run us away. Well let me tell you something Mr. Player…Mr. Pimp, Mr. Mack Daddy…WE ARE TIRED of being your Boy Toys. We through with your lies and your wooooondering eyes. Yes… Now let me tell you something. We are not your bitches, your hookers your whores, or your honeys. You know what…we do just fine without your d|ck or your money…”  

-Lynn Whitfield as “Brandy” in “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”

(the very end/second hour: 2:08:10- 2:15)

When it comes to love and acceptance, a woman can be like a ragdoll. And that movie is an excellent example of the kind of woman that had to be worked on-(in order to get to her and inside of her-mind and body)-a prime example of what women will do and give of themselves if you catch her at the right moment in time.

You see, no matter what kind of exterior we give off, at the core of every girl is a submiss awaiting that one that she can submit to-and until then, she’s fabulously  fighting hard in this world trying to be all [or whatever she can] to be: accepted.

You meet a woman with a head full of “Anashka”’s donated hair and a face full of Mac’s makeup. Next, you get her home, play with her and then tell her you hate how she looks. Along with a piece of herself, she then removes all for you (to keep you).

From there, you put that same girl that she stripped herself of (and threw away at your request), as the face of pop culture on the front lines of music media-glorifying an ideal that now comes with a back yard booty doctor’s assist for her new “backyard.” She then burns up plastic surgeons office for nips, twists and tucks from head to toe in order to fit (and stay) in with [what she feels] is “ideal”—ideal enough for you (to get the attention of you, and to keep you).

The world with the keys of “life” and access to the world then invents places to put it all on display whereby you shop for us, relationship with us, rap about us and power couple up by way of association to us—only to be back to square one and pit against the likes of Good Times‘ Florida Evans as the ideal (all of a sudden).

Damn damn damn.



Who’da thunk that in all her glory of the combed fro from back to front that the 70s domesticated matriarch of the Evans family would be getting her just desert in 2016?

Well that’s precisely what Big Boi-one half of popular rap group Outkast-did earlier this afternoon when a tweet he posted yesterday, got today’s Memorial Day fireworks poppin’ -setting social media ablaze after posting a split screen meme comparing the mothers of old to (what he sees/experienced given his life/lifestyle): the mothers of today.


It’s funny, that this very same thing is eerily representative of the very same spiel I give in an unpublished book I’m writing where I talk about [the split screen like] difference between men and nature vs. nuture–the confusing clues sent to women whereby get their life, self esteem, and gauge ‘love’ by-banking all on what his nature responds to.

Snoop cosigning

What a man says he subscribes to, serves his nature (as a man) yet, what nurtures and sustains him is what nurtures him (as a man).

Nature vs. Nurture meaning:

A man’s mind, mouth, and malehood doesn’t always work together. What his mind may feel may meet him at his mouth–from whence he may say “I wan’t a ‘Florida Evans type” or say “with your hair tied and no makeup on-that’s when you’re the prettiest.” (That’s nurture-and he may very well feel that). But what he thinks/is thinking may meet him at his ‘malehood’–on sight. (That his nature—where that loose, scantily clad, heavily made up twerking woman seems to be the type he wants). The solution to the dilemma and problem is this: Like a decision to be monogamous, a man has to be mature enough and willing to DECIDE which way he is going to turn: Monogamy or infidelity, (or if he will follow his nature or what nurtures him). The only thing that separates the right from the wrong decision is the man and the decision he makes (between the two).

Mature men know most often, when he is lead by his nature, it’s a first hand, impulsive move for (typically) a short, good time. But if he follows what nurtures him, stability and commitment follows that. Most men follow their nature because they’re not ready for the nurturing (or ready for it from the woman he is with/situation he is in at the time). It’s important to know that a man who answers to what nurtures him does not have an ‘off’ switch and becomes immune to their “nature” calling them. Once a man is married or in a committed relations, (I believe) the solution to handle what happens when his nature calls is where I wrote this chapter on a mental/intimate method I call RPC (reverse psychology cheating)—in my not yet published book Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man (Tips & Secrets on Everything From Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex and Men)  

Therein lies the problem with we women out here in the dating game that don’t know game, become game and get gamed—(trying to get him, satisfy him and keep him without understanding those two differences about him-all men).

Every step that he was allowed, how soon, and how easily it was handed to him-he retains. It’s not only about holding out on sex with a man. Contrary to popular belief (and what sometimes comes out of a man’s mouth about it-because remember, what “nurtures” and sustains them is typically the polar opposite of what flies out of their mouths from the language their male “nature” is speaking). It’s not so much about how soon he was able to bed you-being the determining factor in what he feels about you or how he’ll treat you, as it is all your other niceties and gifts that you simply hand over to him unearned. Per his “nature” sex is merely something a male feels a female should give him simply because he’s attracted to her and she-him. Giving it to him “nurtures” his maleness-he feels received, and therefore: wanted. Outside of sex, the only value in it all (that he is retaining-every step of the way) is that he is earning his stripes and keep. That nurtures his maleness and strokes his manhood at the same time while depositing into his “Bank of Trust” for you. It works on his subconscious. It helps him determine not only if you’re worth keeping, but worth trusting-to call his woman and to build with you (or no).

–excerpt from Angela Sherice’s unpublished novel Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man (Tips & Secrets on Everything From Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex and Men)  

Instead of the other way around (women rearranging themselves for men), women need to know

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