When Men Say 3 Different Things Eliminate This 1 – CHRISTINA MILIAN Blasts LIL WAYNE For Telling Her One Thing (But Having Done Another)


Relationships can be tough-especially when you are the only one trying to relate and the other’s ship is sailing (man or woman-shoe on either foot).

As a woman however, often times when (if we don’t know the ‘game’ of ‘man’/males), it’s quite easy to get caught up in what a man says (versus what he is actually doing and…not doing).

There’s three things going on there:

  • saying
  • doing
  • not doing

…and if you’re a woman who just doesn’t know, or is hanging on to the one of the three that feels best to your heart and head yet knowing the truth in action is still happening (or not); it’s easy to wind up hurt, confused and even angered when rather than what a man says, and not says is actually presented to you i.e: you walk up on him or totally see with your own eyes what (in action) is really going on…(therefore, giving you your true answer to what has not been going on as was in your heart and head).


Lil Wayne Christina MilianMore often than not, unfortunately, that’s the only time a woman tends to snap out of it and see [pretty much what she’s expected all along] and decides what to do about it.

Take for instance singer, actress Christina Milian who, for as long as our eyes could see-was the one in the relation while rapper Lil’ Wayne had always seemed to be shipping and sailing.

Over the past couple months or so, this “breakup” of theirs has been out there hanging in the imbalance. And although we (as women) feel for /can relate to her broken heart and tears poured out to the world during one of her reality show mom
ents; for many (like me), it felt like that moment in Poetic Justice where (the characters): “Lucky,” “Justice,” “Ayesha” and “Chicago” pulled up to cousin Kahlil’s house and people were outside screaming. Turns out-cousin Kahlil had been

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