WALMART’s New Tricked Out Truck Coming To A Road Near You


Fiscal sales of 2015 aren’t in as yet, but in addition to 2014’s fiscal year sales of over $473 billion, that PattiPie’s gonna get a slice of the fiscal numbers we’re more than sure, I now, right?

With the sell of the version ‘fatty’ [of the] #PattiePie having gone on and off the shelves of every Walmart in the entire US of A and the new “diabetic friendly” version on route with the original; before end season, Walmart may be getting some traction on their sweet big semi delivery vehicles that’s sure to put other major companies’ lame logistics to shame while traveled down the road.

walmart prototypeEarlier in 2014 the American retail store giant unveiled its prototype and concept truck-bragging of its Petrerbilt tractor giving it better fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, its aerodynamics being lighter and easier to maneuver, range extending series hybrid for reducing energy storage size (typically required of trucks that run on batteries alone), microturbine power for smaller energy storage, fuel neutrality for reducing need for after treatments following emissions testing component electrification (for reserving components like power steering and air conditioning and used when the truck is at its peak efficiency.

Additionally, when in charge mode or turned on with keys it tests the battery and if it needs charging, the turbine engine will do the honors.

As well and for use in urban areas, the truck will run on electric vehicle mode and strictly on electric power until the battery is charged to at least 50 percent and via its hybrid electric mode if maximum range has to be used, it will run the turbine and shut down only the battery runs out.

Manufactured by Great Dane Trailers, its trailer brags of countless fuel saving features and

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