A Show Of Hands Who Knew LIL’ WAYNE & CHRISTINA MILIAN Were An Item Please…? 1,2,3,4,…Ok…Sorry To Tell Yous – They’ve Parted Ways




Hey. It’s a lil’ like Doughboy said:



Either they don’t know.

Don’t show.

Or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood.


Either we didn’t know.

They didn’t “show.”

Or we just didn’t care like we—should[‘ve].

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…But as media reports have it, Dip It Low singer ( Christina Milian who as you can see, above, knows quite the remedy about keeping that man home) broke up with her boyfriend (slash) rapper Lil Tunechi a.k.a Lil Wayne after one year of dating [and before we could call them Tin’chi].


I know, right?

Like me you probably have a blank stare because alls we knew was

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