Was CHRIS BROWN Wrong Or Right To Be Upset About The Way His Daughter Was Dressed Online?


Chris Brown

Cuteness certainly couldn’t be denied when after a long awaited wait, pop culture public sat back and anxiously awaited Chris Brown to step up to the plate of his fraternal responsibilities after hearing rumors he in deed WAS the father of a daughter born unto some random chick other than his two usual suspects: Rihanna and Karrueche.

Turns out, a woman by the name of “Nia Guzman” turned out to be (the lucky recipient?) of the seed of conception of the superstar—a situation such that (for the woman typically) glorious glorified turned glamorous situation all went awry and instead: horrified.

Many, like Guzman-we’re sure, hoped this situation would go a little smoother easier than the chain of events having gone down thus far since Brown’s acknowledgment of, and connection to the little cutie but the road to Easy Street and smooth-sailing was the furthest thing from happening in this tale.

Despite Chris’ proudly acknowledging being the dad of the baby, he and Guzman have been in and out of court with Chris working this situation to make sure that care for the child would be the main concern—while seeing to it that Guzman would not live to see ONE day stunting for the ‘gram by way of him and his account, jack.

While their financial domestic deets turned down from the back and forth turn-up that, at one time throughout social media, got tossed across the television and social media + blogged about incessantly, their personal differences concerning their seed they share together has come to roost.Chris and Royalty

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]At the beginning of it all, all daughters loved by dad and reared by moms are “princesses” by term of endearment and ballerinas in full costume-playing around in a dance classrooms being gradually taught grace and physical discipline.[/clickandtweet]

Chris Brown’s daughter (named “Royalty” by the way), fit right into her name-complete with being a ballerina all dressed up like Flashdance at the legs-with dark leg warmers, a black skirt, black leotard and….bare thighs—uncovered in pale pink tights (that we normally see little girls wear along with their leotards-regardless if the leotard is the usual pale pink or typical black): pink tights
worn with it is the norm.Royalty

Royalty however, was posted up on Instagram sitting and gazing into the camera—not looking so much “provocative” as she looked “suggestive” (those are two kinda sorta different things).

Here’s what happened and here’s what we have to say about it, that, Chris’ firing off about it online at the baby’s mother and it all:

Let’s get something really straight here. Men know how men think.

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