Buzzing: CHRIS BROWN’S Baby’s Mom Set To File Motion For Backpay & Increase Monthly Royalties for Baby ROYALTY

It was just a couple of days ago that Chris Brown’s baby’s mother (Nia Guzman) got into a little snafu with an Interneck where basically, she was accused of being the typical, basic, baby-momma reaping the benefits of mothering a child with a rich/ famous person.

Immediately, Guzman came to her own defense [and basically] eluded to the fact that Chris is just…the baby’s father.

Now, that’s not to say she was calling him a deadbeat, or mere sperm-donor; but she did spew some words that went something like this:



Well where there’s smoke-there’s fire. And just leave it up to our TerMiteZ friends (because as you may well know, they’ll be in the delivering room with scissors in hand to cut the placenta for its extract).

So goes this, since Nia’s snafu:ChrisBrownsBabysMomNiaGuzman_Chris_Baby

According to our sources, Chris and Guzman and having a bit of a tiff because he was originally giving supporting baby Royalty with a  royal amount to the tune of around $2500 per month through this past March. Reportedly, after Guzman demanding 15k per month, Brown stopped paying her anything altogether-citing her demands were most ridic.

The source claims that Guzman is fed up with Chris being meticulously cheap and the daughter is suffering because of.

Meanwhile, it’s said that Chris feels Guzman is treating the baby “like a lottery ticket.”

Either way, Nia’s lawyer (Carl Moore) is said to be filing legal documents within these next couple of weeks for back child support as well as filing a motion for a more royal amount of support for Royalty.

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