Was CHRIS BROWN Wrong Or Right To Be Upset About The Way His Daughter Was Dressed Online?


if a baby (like Chris’ child specifically) had on all pale pink and pictured in that same sitting position, although it may or may not have provoked thought (the fact that she is bare thighed) response to it would have certainly gone over better than being dressed in all black and bare thighed, and perhaps (to Chris) it wouldn’t have looked so badly and inappropriately presented (considering a child her age).

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]I find it amazing how women seek and accept the advice of men about men when it comes to love and relationships, but will totally throw a man’s opinion out the window if he gripes about what is inappropriate—with regard to own his female child. If a woman would be so ready and willing to ask for, seek, and/or accept advice about love from a man about men, love your daughter enough to accept his advice about what he loves.[/clickandtweet]

These girls aint loyal Royal.

Granted, gripes about women coming from grown men can (and most) should be as challenged as they are subjective and relative to each man’s personal experience and opinion of women, but where a man’s child is concerned (or his gripe about how a female child looks suggestive to him that even isn’t his child) a woman should indeed listen.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Because again: Men know how other men think—even if (for moral reasons) they don’t want to think it.[/clickandtweet]

I’m with Chris on this.

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