B/tch Better Have My Money: RIHANNA Drops Video, SHERRI SHEPHERDs Ex Sal Wins Child Support Ruling & CHRIS BROWNs Babys Mom Asks For More, GLORY JOHNSON ‘Doubles Up’


It was just in 2012 Rihanna sued her former accountant “Mr. Gounis” of Berdon LLP (which we told yous about here). The pop princess was suing for a string of bad financial investments made by the advice and permission of the firm on “Mr. Gounis’” behalf that cost the singer somewhere around the $9 million dollar mark (in a years time-2009 to be exact).

Rihannas MansionAs per Rihanna (and filed in Manhattan federal court) she declared herself “effectively bankrupt” by end 2009.

In the suit she claimed she had $11 million cash in January 2009 and was down to $2 (million) by end of the year—all damning due to her accountant advising her to buy a Beverly Hills Mansion for $7.5 million.

Gounis told her she could afford to purchase the home when in fact, she was actually running out of cash.

To add insult to injury, that mansion turned out to be a leaky and moldy mess.RihannaBBHMM2


His counterclaim was that it was she who mismanaged her money-not him. He claimed the singer (who by the time of the 2012 lawsuit was worth $43 million-but wasn’t then in 2009-when she’d gone from $7.5 million cash on hand down to $2 million). Gounis asserted she squandered her monies on designer clothes and jewelry: “At the core of her claim is this belief: someone else is responsible for her conduct and its consequences,” said Gounis.

Well having won $10 million of the $35million sought in the suit and a couple years later (now being worth $120 million) Rihanna thought it best to bring life to art in her new visual for the song B|tch Better Have My Money #BBHMM where she goes blood for blows.




In an ironic twist of b|tches that better have folk’s monies, Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown is  having woes of his own in that regard. The child he conceived with a girl named

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