Babies, Brown Boys, Bland & Bill: Top 2015 Cases Get Resolutions Just In Time For Top of New Year – GLEE Star MARK SALLING & BILL COSBY Go Out With Shame


End year 2015 is going out with a bang, and shame for the brown boys, Bland, the babies and Bill.

10851_562504653904773_3961023303815299108_nIt seems the judicial system all over is on a crusade to close out their files with New Years resolutions to get resolves on issues that all year, have been lingering in the headlines.

With no indictments (therefore, no further action/charges) being put on the person/s responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, and hung on Freddie Gray who ironically, life was taken by way of a broken neck while being detained in police custody, yesterday December 30, the lingering case roundup was finished with an APB put out on Bill Cosby who, for over the past year has been in the headlines for being accused of raping over fifty women over the past 20+ years of his life.

Despite the many who have come forward, the one and only case (by which a civil suit was filed on Cosby in 2006), was that of Temple U student athlete Andrea Constand who, Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition his involvement with the young woman back in 2004.

10660314_562504743904764_1666345892933718868_nUnfortunately, although it was hard for the other 54 women who staked claims [that] their rapes took place at hotels, his home and other common places, the fact that Cosby is was on the board of Temple U-therefore, had business there, made it a lot easier for Constand’s claim to be considered as, it is also on record [that] he took her under his mentorship so, the rape violation that took place at his home was much easier to consider. The fact that his footprint is engraved on the Pennsylvania campus’ asphalt certainly made it easier for his accuser (there) to prove fault, and at fault he certainly is.

A warrant was put out for the arrest of Cosby, 78, when the 2004 case was reopened by the PA DA.
On Wednesday, December 30, Montgomery County prosecutor announced that Bill Cosby had been officially charged with felony CXgF6D8WYAACmFEaggravated indecent assault for the 77 year-old case in which (as per Cosby’s thinking) was consensual sexual contact with the former Temple U basketball player/athletic director who insists that Cosby’s narcissism caused him to be devoid of obvious clues that she was a gay woman. As a result, (and his usual/alleged m-o) Cosby drugged the woman and rendered her not in control of her reaction whereby, this “consensual” act took place.

After new evidence was unsealed in the civil case 2005 and more women came forward with similar accusations, prosecutor reopened the case and Cosby was officially charged.

Obviously to avoid a knock down, drag out media frenzy and manhunt; Cosby immediately turned himself in to face the charges-with media cameras following his every step toward the district court where he was booked, finger printed and mug shot for all the world to see and social media to circulate.

His bail was set at $1 million dollars where he paid, turned over his passport and was released (for now). A charge of aggravated, indecent assault is a first-degree felony punishable by 5-10 years prison + a

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