Tree Still Planted in the Corner of Your Home? Change It To A Floral Corner Piece

Still got your tree up but want it to look less “Christmas-y” (now that Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone?).

Over the holidays, that tree in the corner of our house can be planted well past the festive season and into the New Year as, not only does it look pretty, it makes us feel good (or if a real tree) makes the room smell all “pine-y” good, too!

For the rest of us who opted for the synthetic tree, there are some cute, last minute tree ideas out there that we can get creative with by using real flowers (for look/color/scent) or artificial flowers (for looks/color).

Check out these few floral tree ideas that just might make you want to leave your tree up well past New Years, and into to new year-giving a whole new meaning and ambiance!

Rather than [it being] a Christmas tree, how ‘bout a big plant: planted in the corner of your house having (now) grown flowers around it………….(representative of your upcoming blossoming new year ahead, perhaps?!)

Take a look and consider:








Author: OSFMagWriter

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