When Someone Steals Your Spot

images (30)If you don’t have a private driveway or garage and instead, you live in an apartment community with designated parking spaces, you look forward to pulling into your 8 foot wide paved amenity with the yellow, or white lines (without interruption).

But what happens when, after a long, hard day, you come home and some bold metal body has pulled its bumper into your spot?

Imagine having this happening to you and your only choice was to park on the street where hours later, you walk out to a ticket to add to your already mounting bills—and that same car is STILL all up in your spot! Not even the birds chirping by this time eased your anger’s pain, so you take a moment to give the driver in your spot a little piece of your mind.

Well that very scenario happened to a woman and guess what the stranger did?

Kindly placed 5 $20 bills into an envelope and placed it onto the windshield of the cars owner whose space she/he invaded.

The exchange is making its way around the Internet and although you can tell the screenshots were cut (where obviously private information was written), you can still read the lines in between the lines and can help but feel good that there still are some considerate people in the world who will acknowledge their inconsiderateness by taking ownership in the harm caused to others (and, write back).

Take a look:

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