Have You Assessed and Made Sense of Social Media Enough To Be Ready To Handle Facebook’s ‘DISLIKE’ Button?

The best way to alleviate your fears about things, people, and situations is to strip each of its “power” down to its TRUTH (not subjective truth-because sometimes their truth is not even what you want to believe is so-so you gotta be true to yourself, first). All “truth” the light, and only ways DO NOT lay in the “power” that we give to people, things and certain situations. (For people who haven’t already lost themselves in it), the best way for you to rethink the “power” of social media (and even in life-people and things) is to, TOO: uncover where it-social media (or they-people and situations) are powerLESS…(and keep that information in your mind’s pocket in order for your heart and life to go on: unscathed and un-slaved).


SOCIAL MEDIA SURVIVAL TIP 1: Most powerful on social media’s “showcial” media is he who has the most interest and true value should social media be one day unplugged. Never confuse interest and lasting true value with boredom (therefore) needing to be entertained, reciprocal shine, and passing time.



SOCIAL MEDIA SURVIVAL TIP 2: Every literal bit, word, post and pic is each person’s HTML on social media showcial media. HTML (as any computer geek will tell you) is short for  “hypertext markup language.” Do this with me: Go to any page on the Internet. Right click your mouse. Click on “View Page Source.” That language, and those words are the backside of that very front page you were viewing. Via the words and codes you are looking at, it tells us-out front-what to see/view. Same goes for social media showcial media: Every bit-every person’s, word, post and pic is their BEST bit, word, post and pic put forward from behind their HTML. We all put out on the front face (as a highlight reel) that which we wish to be seen.  You (yourself) know the HTML “real” (about yourself) though…


If you’re not too far ‘gone’ already, this blog article should help alleviate your fear of the ‘dislike’ button, and unchain you from your fears about social media and the people of it. Let’s face it,  social media is the way of the world and the way TO the world. And the ‘dislike’ button is just the beginning of the seconding coming. (But if you’re not already too far ‘gone’ off into a  social media high-Facebook or otherwise-or rely on it for your “fix”), for you, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Let’s kick it.



Just when Forbes.com publishes its report (and article called: Psychiatrist Shortage Worsens Amid ‘Mental Health Crisis‘) about the shortage of mental health professionals in the field of psychiatry, Facebook whips out its new “dislike” button—only to add to the pseudo-“social” media platform, further angst already run amok beneath that blue square adorned with the ‘f” that (thanks to that “dislike” button on route to play on all those fragile psyches even more) will look to read [as] “FAIL”…set up to knock you off your square for the day—or everyday.


I just called it the other day in a blog, that given invent[ion] of show-cial media, each and every day upon logging in/on to such devices and overseeing so many things (that many are NOT equipped to handle); there are new, new millennium, NEW AGE definitions for psychological disorders (narcissisms, dependencies, anxieties, pathologies, etc) caused by social media showcial media attendance that haven’t even reached the books yet.


Like for example, “narcissism” has been a real psychological disorder (yearsssssssss before “showcial” media). And with the invent of “social” media, a set up that affords us a platform to gallant our prowess (with systems in place to encourage it-mostly to help us pass time or live vicariously through); at some point in the routine, the psyche has no CHOICE but to be altered in positive (or narcissistic way).


The same goes for the new “dislike” button. Psyches are going to be altered (but in no other way but negative. Period. Dot). It’s not even a function to encourage (in any way “positive” way or to leave a person feeling any way ‘good’ whatsoever).

As “trivial” as that sounds, the fact of the matter is-we attend these places each and every day. Many (of you) actively participate in these places (each and everyday). At some point, opposite positive (or even synthetic narcissistic created reinforcement), you will be affected by the creation of a button set up and ready to piss you off, break your spirit, or negatively challenge you for, there will BE no “reason” box for your FBFs to text their reasons for ‘disliking’ you. Most social media users are NOT equipped to handle that brand of open ended/unanswered negativity. Period.

Although this is good marketing and money for Mark Zuckerberg, in addition to the synthetic narcissism that may or may not be-becoming apart of your psyche; you have to ask yourself (in advance) truthfully: Will you be able to handle this?

Contemplate on that (and lets rewind).



(Back to ‘narcissism’).

To NOT already be clinically afflicted with or diagnosed as being a narcissist, but to ROUTINELY engage in behaviors that reinforce, encourage, or assist in developing narcissistic qualities (that aren’t/weren’t naturally there beforehand), is to have developed a kind of  SYNTHETIC NARCISSISM—and synthetic narcissism that’s not even on the psychiatry books yet…and here we are with a finding (adding insult to oblivious injury) that we are running out of psychiatrists in the profession! Yet-thanks to new age/technology (and how we “socialize”) we are in need of them now than ever before (despite the fact that there is no guarantee we would take a trip to see them now any more than we ever or never did before social media).



It means that if you have already become a synthetic narcissist (again, that is: Never being clinically diagnosed or thought to be a narcissist before the invent of social media, but as a result of social media; have developed and participate in routinely narcissistic behaviors online), how are you going to handle OTHERS-the same people who MADE you a synthetic narcissist (combined with the people who’ve been waiting in the wings FOR a button to UNMAKE you the synthetic narcissist you have become)…how are you going to be able to handle the fact that COLLECTIVELY, at any moment in time (online), they will ALL have to power to reverse your newfound synthetic narcissism day by day and (literally) bit by bit?



Now matter how trivial you think it is, if you routinely hang (and post) on social media/Facebook, it WILL affect you instantaneously (or gradually) to varying degrees. You’re human. You’re either going to resort to un-being “you” …to work harder for “likes” than you have ever before, or you will (gradually or instantaneously) be affected. No way out of that.

Again: Considering the fact that the ‘dislike’ function will NOT come equipped with a little box the user is forced to explain why he/she ‘disliked’ your post (so he/she can be made accountable for using the button), the ‘dislike’ button is an initially “negative” design and function so there are only two negative ways of: (gradually or instantaneously negatively affected). Simple math. There are no ways around that fact. You’re human.




CO-Yqh-VAAAGCi-Social media wasn’t even invented before the Internet and our dependency on it [the Internet] therefore, in the bigger scheme of things, social media is as expendable as we have hailed it.

As much as we utilize “social” media and our egos are pacified by “showcial media” the awakening truth and fact of the matter is: Social media isn’t that a necessity as we’ve learned to exalt it as [being]. Sure, it enables (brands/business/products/services and even just ‘people’ to be out there in ways that too, have made ways that without it, were next to impossible. But even still, that’s an extension and ‘perk’ of the social media function-not a necessity, fruit, or salt of the earth (in order for the Internet itself to survive).

Social media isn’t rooted from the ground and as organic as the high esteem we hold it as.



Social media is a recreational extension of the Internet whose arm can be cut and the Internet and life can still go on (then back to: viewing more television programming, lining up your favorite sites, cell phone texting, and perhaps message boards and chat rooms you’ll go).

Reportedly, social media (namely Facebook) was invented by someone who had an awkward time socializing with people but had a few people he wanted to say some things to (to get off his chest). As motivation from that angst, he eventually invented a great way to sequester them into the same network to subliminally spew his thoughts without being held accountable for them. Later, as the money came and the idea/invention grew; Facebook was (lightheartedly) marketed as ‘a great place to connect with friends and family’ (yet birthed with a heavy heart. So most times-in spite of the ‘positive’ and light-hearted memes and such) as you know without my even saying this: It can’t HELP but carry the spirit by which it was birthed, unfortunately (despite the usefulness and good it serves elsewhere), the greatest majority of its use and intent is via the spirit by which it was birthed. I think you know that already. So “violia!” prepare for the ‘dislike’ button.

The same systems and entities are still up and running that (before social media); delegated and negated how the word about things got to us are still up, running, ready and waiting-and would be glad to take over that power all over again.

Technically speaking, I don’t think the world can go back to the way it was before the Internet (thanks to the military) became available to us (civilians). But the world (businesses/brands, services and PEOPLE who ARE businesses/brands and who have services to offer) can certainly carry on (as was) before social media came in to play.

Social media merely became that thing we found a convenience in [being for us]: “showcial media”–a way to display our selves and an ADDITION to promote + display or businesses, products or services.



images (1)Whether we know it or not (to varying degrees and extremes) we ALL have taken on SOME kind of personality (positive, negative, healthy, unhealthy, abnormal or otherwise) that was NOT apart of our personality (until we began to use it and/or view the world through it).

And like those new age psychological disorders I mentioned earlier (that do not have a name/and are not written in the books as yet), we now know, too (according to Forbes’ report)—that we do not even have enough doctors employed to see us FOR the changes we are experiencing (even IF these “new age” narcissisms, dependencies, anxieties, and pathologies, were written in the books).

The fact of the matter is, we ALL have some kind of psychological changes in us (more extreme and dangerously so: the people who habitually aren’t conscious of it or who are but chose to lose themselves in it).

The reality is, the only way to put in check-our egos (about who we think we are, and have become since our participation on “showcial” media has become our way of life), is for social media systems e.g. Instagram. FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, (which are only few and can be counted on one hand), to collectively unplug from the Internet and shut down for a while…let’s say a month or two.

At this point in life, that is the ONLY way to force people to rethink who, and what they are (or are not). This drastic measure can do one or the other thing: humble some, or cause high suicide rates for others. Pulling plugs on all social media systems for whatever length of time will definitely have an effect-yet, the world (you, me, businesses/brands, services and PEOPLE who ARE businesses/brands and who have services to offer) can still go on [without it].

Because of money and fear that other like systems like such will pop up and take over, although you can NEVER count on that unplugging to happen, the fact of that matter is; YOU can make it happen (in your mind), in order to put in order and in check:

  • your ego
  • keep you from making yourself a synthetic narcissist
  • save yourself from being the eventual emotional wreck and victim of the “dislike” button (by having your synthetic narcissism methodically put in reverse-bit by literal bit via your FBF’s)

Ask yourself this question.



With the pull of the plug on social media (Internet withstanding) like (legitimate) businesses/brands, services can; can YOU survive, be found, or think you will you be sought after, still?

If so, why?

What (other than what’s “showcial”) are you talking about, doing, or selling, that is of any value to the same people on showcial media who [you feel] value you?


Hey, let’s take a look at how even Facebook’s creator value’s value. Just because something is created (that’s got YOU in stitches, trying to keep and stressed to impress) doesn’t mean the vehicle or platform by which you’re using to do this’ creator of it is living and feeling like YOU…

Did you know that the owner of Zappos (online shoe mart) only owns 8 pairs of shoes?  Hmm.

If you spend more focus on that/those things about you, that is the main way to train your mind to combat “haters”/the evils behind the pixels of the social media (or to keep yourself from playing
into ways that force you in to a synthetic form of narcissism).download (2)

When you hone in on those things, and begin to do those things, you become those (valuable) things (rather than becoming puppets strung along to the ever-changing world of “showcial” media) by which (as you can see-whether you like or dislike it), you will never have control of.

But one thing you CAN control is “you.”

The hard core fact of this soul searching is [the fact that] not all of us will come up with what our “value” (is at unplugging of showcial media).

If that be the case, we can still put ourselves in check by making sure our “showcial” media egos are humbly commensurate with knowing that (even if no one else has, or can detect/appraise it).

Secretly, that’s how over the years on “social media” I learned to be myself and be comfortable with who I am and dismiss mean-spirited or intentionally negative ‘opposition’ (versus accountable constructive suggestion to my face, email or inbox).

You just can’t pull rank on me behind the pixels of social media as your only plug, existence, and lifeline. I never let “showcial” social media dictate to me, who or why somebody is “over” or “better” than me because, truthfully, I have already computed, assessed and valuated who you are, why you are, and who you AREN’T (at unplugging “showcial” media).

If social media is not as a necessity as the Internet [is], and it is unplugged, you had better have a damn great reason for WHY you think I should give a damn WHAT you say, feel, like (or ‘dislike”)… if I can appraise you (minus “showcial” media) and come up with nothing/zero. I have no fcks to give if you’re already in my computed ‘negative.’StraightOuttaFucks to give

Why and how?



In short. If who you are/what you say you are and do was birthed and inspired by AND since the invent of social media (not the Internet-but social media) and you come for me negatively; you already have 80% down with me because I know what social media has done FOR egos and TO hearts, minds and spirits. That being the case, you’re definitely not ready for me in NO way. So I’ll typically spare breaking your ego, heart or spirit-despite coming for me and mine.

Hopefully, that tip can help you deal with what’s to come your way, guys.

Good luck.



As you probably already know, there’s aLOT of talk around the net regarding this new button. In advance, our friends from AccessHollywood.com‘s contributor Jesse Spero’s got his “dislike” list waiting for you at the door doe!


This list should be helpful to you (in preparation for the ‘dislike’ button’s arrival).

From the looks of his list, even YOU can gauge that this list is probably on a great majority of people’s list to thumb-down. Even though we all may be guilty of one (or quite a few on this list), we’ve gotta admit: Each have set new highs on redundancy and pointlessness (and better off sacred).

Here goes:

Here are 10 posts we’ll be disliking:

  1. Squad goals

  2. Your lunch

  3. Anything with #blessed

  4. Your yoga/spin class/juice cleanse/Pilates/mud run/hike/gym routine

  5. Any viral video/online quiz that we all probably saw/took weeks ago

  6. Your views on politics, religion, vaccines, world issues, etc.

  7. How amazing your pet/child/significant other/car/house/new job is

  8. Your “Thanks so much for all the birthday love” post

  9. Your vacation photos

  10. Anything that begins with the phrase “That moment when…”


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