A Show Of Hands Who Knew LIL’ WAYNE & CHRISTINA MILIAN Were An Item Please…? 1,2,3,4,…Ok…Sorry To Tell Yous – They’ve Parted Ways

(somewhere in all this)



…the Phone Home rapper was Karrine’s Stefans’ “martian” and meanwhile (down on planet Earth), DHEA was the popular rapper’s supplement


…to his only real steady girlfriend [that we all knew as] “Music” with the only TRUE love of his life being a “Reginae” but hey…


Reports have it that the demise of Tune and Tina’s relationship was met by their “busy schedules.”




I guess all we can do now is pour out a lil’ liquor on this one, get unruffled, and go somewhere and be great.

pour out a lil liquor

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